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Getting your Hands Dirty – Mind Tricks

February 22, 2012

The past two weeks have brought to my attention a small but significant bugbear with regards to learning difficulty. Several of my learners have not realized that when they mentally ward off the subject they dislike or are weakest at, they are reinforcing their brain’s ability to expel what is presented to it. For example if as a learner you don’t understand conjunctions then when that particular exercise comes up and you have to learn conjunctions and apply them in a cycle test your brain will naturally say. “phooey!” and will resist taking in the time and effort you are taking to learn the rules of conjunctions.

My most recent example of the “phooey!” syndrome is when two of my matriculants who have an Afrikaans prescribed book to read presented me  each (independently) with a with a pristine textbook. Both of these textbooks did not show a single thumb print on any of the pages. Aha! they were not willing to get their hands dirty by opening up the book and trying to read the Afrikaans text. The mind responds in kind with negative reinfrcement. What’s the use? I can’t read it anyway.Resistance is a killer!

Exposure to the things we find difficult is often a means of overcoming the very thing that presents difficulty or unpleasantness or challenge. Get involved in the prescribed book. Own the fact that it is your next hurdle and it requires conquering. My role is to support you in regaining your self esteem and your perseverance by assisting you by persistent diligence (hard work) in mastering some measure of competency in the very subject you think you abhor. Once you make in-roads into the “unknown” the unknown becomes known. Your brain transforms its initial dislike into acceptance and learning becomes easier!



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  1. well said – applies to all aspects of your life!

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